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Two hair transplantation methods come to the forefront today. One of these is the FUE method and the other is the traditional FUT method. Hair transplantation is highly successful when perfomed with either of these methods. On the other hand; in order to gain the best results from a hair transplantation operation, the hair must look natural and he hair line must be defined very well. When the hair line is defined wrong, the hair will not have a batural look. So, the role of an expert doctor is signficant in defining the hair line.

The patient and the doctor decide together when defining the hair line depending on various factors. Hair line must be suitable for the structure of the patient's head. Even though you may desire a rather unusual hair line, your doctor may not allow this. It means, you need to trust in your doctor who is far-sighted and who has a powerful perspective in terms of aesthetics. An expert and experienced doctor's words should be considered as important by you.


With the technological advancements and the development of the world of medicine, new techniques give quite successful results. The FUE technique is among these. In FUE technique, the grafts extracted with injector punches (that are even tinier than 1 mm) attached to a special production device named as the FUE motor, are transplanted into the bald area. The success rate of this technique is higher than any other technique. Basically, the rate of success is also high in FUT techhnique. On the other hand; FUT technique is traditional and in some cases it requires the application of general anaesthesia. Thus; it is a surgical operation. So, while both of these enable us to get successful results, the most frequently used technique today is the FUE technique.


Points to take into consideration at the pre-transplantation stage;

1 ) Do not smoke for 24 hours before the operation. If you can not do this, at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Remember that smoking will prolong your healing period.
2 ) Eat light foods. Hair transplantation operations may take long, so, you will have a more comfortable operation if you have a full stomach.
3 ) Do not take ALCOHOL for one week before the operation. Do not use any other foreign substances.
4 ) If you are using drugs due to chronic (such as diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, tuberculosis etc.) or acute diseases, inform your doctor about these.
5 ) Do not take tricyclic anti-depressants, anticoagulant drugs (such as heparin, aspirin, coumadin etc.), beta blockers or mao inhibitors (such as aurorix etc.) for two weeks before the operation. If you have used these drugs within this period, inform your doctor about this issue.
6 ) Do not apply any topical drugs on your scalp or hair before the operation.
7 ) Wash your hair before coming to the facility for operation and do not use any hair gels or sprays after washing.
8 ) Have a breakfast before coming to the facility for operation. If the operation will take place in the afternoon, have a light lunch.
9 ) Stop taking coffee or caffeine containing drinks one day before the operation.
10 ) Stop taking multivitamin supplementaries containing vitamins B and E one week before the operation, as these would aggravate bleeding.
11 ) When coming to the facility for operation, wear comfortable clothes that will not touch your head when putting on and taking off (such as shirt, cardigan etc.).


Points to take into consideration at the post-transplantation stage;

1 ) When sleeping at night, make sure that the follicule of the transplanted hair do not contact the bed head, quilt or pillow or they can get injured. A hard and low pillow is recommended for this. You can sleep on your back neck, where the hair was taken from. It is not recommended to sleep face-down for two weeks, as this would increase the risk for the transplantation area to get into contact with the bed or pillow.
2 ) For two weeks, clothes that are comfortable to put on and take off (such as shirts, cardigans and zipped jumpers etc.) should be preferred. T,shirt, turtleneck jumper or atlet should not be preferred in order not to injure the transplantation area. The thing here is that; there should be no contact with the transplantation area for two weeks. Any contact may injure the follicule of the transplanted hair and we may lose that follicule.
3 ) Sports activities, Turkish bath, sauna, swimming, solarium and all hairdressing operations are not allowed for two weeks. These may injure the hair follicule and increase the risk for an infection.
4 ) Do not towel dry the transplantation area after washing your hair. Use hair-dryer.
5 ) For six months following the hair transplantation operation, have your hair on the transplantation area and on donor area (back of the neck) cut with scissors.
6 ) If you would like to use your hair very short following the hair transplantation operation, use razor after minimum six months.
7 ) If you would like to have your hair dyed, wait for minimum six months after the hair transplantation operation.
8 ) After the operation, you should be careful when washing your hair until the scars of the wounds fall down. Spread the shampoo all over your hair and message your scalp gently, without pressing hard.
9 ) After the operation, do not take alcohol and do not smoke for 15 days.
10 ) There might be a slight bleeding on the back of your neck after the operation. You don't need to worry.


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