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Golden Punch Fue Method

The Golden Punch Fue method used in several areas from scars to pustules, stretch marks and pore tightening has come to be used in hair transplantation, as well. It is performed following the hair transplantation operation made with micro FUE technique. It is applied following the hair transplantation operation against the problems of tissue reactions, scars, possible infections or late recovery in donor area (back of the neck) or in transplantation area. Special, tiny, golden releasing punchs clear away several negativities. With the golden punch method, partciularly the donor area where hair is extracted from heals two times faster than normal.

Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Fue gold technique is a special hair transplantation technique with numerous advantages. It is unique in terms of both the tools used and the hair transplantation technique. The tools are designed uniquely in order to improve the sensitivity level of the hair transplantation. All the tools used in FUE technique are made of "gold". The main reason for this is that; gold is the material that fits best with the human body. When the gold contacts the tissue (graft), the tissue does not defend itself as it doesn't assume gold as a threat. This means, the tissues natural structure and the form of the haired skin remain intact. So, it helps with the preservation of graft quality and it does not cause any change in the natural structure of the tissue. The difference of FUE gold technique in other stages is that; it enables opening of numerous hair follicule channels without forming any micro parasites. Healthy and permenant hair follicles extracted from the haired skin are directly transplanted into the channels opened and these grafts immediately have their position to grow in those channels.

Golden Ratio

This is used for front line drawing. Golden ratio face indicators measure the height and width of an individual and consider the age of the individual to design the ideal front line that gives an aesthetical look to the face.


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