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Ice Graft Hair Transplantation Method

Ice Graft Hair Transplantation solution is not only used in hair transplantation but also in many other areas of medicine. The solution includes several mixtures which prevent cell and tissue loss.

In Ice Graft technique, hair grafts are extracted from the back of your neck and these grafts are kept waiting in Ice Graft Solution which has revitalizing and stregthening characteristics. Then, these are exposed to cooling process again. This method is applied before the hair transplantation operation with the intention to gain better results.

With this method which is applied before the hair transplantation operation, tissue and cell losses of grafts are avoided and hair follicles are revitalized. In order to get the best results with this method, it is necessary to adjust the degree of temperature accurately and to stabilize this temperature. Hair transplantation operations performed with Ice Graft technique provides the patients with stronger and abundant hair. Grafts extracted from your head are kept waiting in revitalizing and strengthening Ice Graft solution before the hair Transplantation operation starts.

In a hair transplantation operation, the patient wants to have hair line that looks natural. The patient feels more self confident then. Though Ice Graft technicque is mainly used for hair transplantation, it can also be applied for hairs extracted from other areas of the body.

How does Ice Graft take effect?

Ice Graft solution balances intracellular pH in order to clean the free radicals at low temperature. It provides energy for the cells that form the hair and extends the life of grafts at low temperature.

With powerful antioxidants, nutritious minerals and certified optimized formula, grafts survive for longer time periods with low temperature. Ice Graft solution controls the reactions that increase the temperature-based molecular cell stress and feeds the cell with vitamins. The grafts waiting to be transplanted are thus fed very well and their vitality is preserved.


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