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What is PRP-Supported Hair Transplantation?

Materials are collected from the blood in order to regenerate, repair and stregthen the scalp. First, 10-20 ml blood is extracted from the patient. Second, special centrifuge and microfiltering methods are used to separate the red blood cells from the blood and to obtain rich plasma materials such as blood platelets and white blood cells. When blood platelets interact with a damaged tissue, they become activated and secrete several regenerative substances. Thus; rich materials not only help the prevention of hair loss but also shorten the healing period after hair transplantation operation.

How is PRP Supported Hair Transplantation done?

Your doctor processes the blood he/she has taken from you and then injects the PRP he/she has obtained into the hair follicles with tiny punched injectors. The whole process is alsmost completed in a time as short as 30 minutes. Tissue development starts in the transplantation area, injured and weak hair follicles are repaired and new and strong hair begins to grow from these follicles. The operation gives very satisfactory results both for men and women. In order to gain the best results from the hair transplanted with micro motor, in other words, Microfue technique; it is recommonded to perform this process following the hair transplantation operation.


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