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Hair transplantation is an operation in which micro hair follicles (named as Follicular Unit) on our scalp are taken out one by one and are transplanted to their new location. Hair transplantation is a complicated operation that must necessarily be performed by a doctor. In order to provide the patient a natural look and abundant hair and in order not to injure the donor area, the operation shall also be supported by an expert team. Persons who have sufficient amount of hair in the donor area between the two ears are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

When an operation is performed by an expert doctor and and experienced team, there will not be hair thinning in donor areas. Transplanted hair will survive for life-time, there will not be hair loss. Elite Hair warrants natural results. Number of grafts changes from 2500 to 4000 depending on the patient's donor area. This makes 7500-8000 hair follicles approximately. Please note that, number of grafts is different from the number of hair follicles. There will be a thin scarring after the hair transplantation operation. These scars will fall from air like dandruff every day at each hair washing and will disappear totally in about 10 days. The patient can wear a hat and continue his/her daily life and work as usual.


Hair transplantation is an operation in which hair follicles are taken from the back neck area, where hair do not tend to get lost in genetic terms, and are transplanted on the bald areas in the front. Hair follicles preserve their loss-resistant genes in their new positions, as well. Eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache and on-wound hair transplantation can also be performed using the same methods. The operation can take 5 to 6 hours depending on the operation area. All operations are performed under local anaesthesia and you can return home immediately after the operation. It is a pain-free method. In FUE method which we frequently perform, the operation leaves no scars as there are no cuts or seams.


Hair transplantation is an operation that takes 4 to 7 hours under local anaesthesia. At the first stage, hair follicles are extracted by the doctors, then a channel is opened to transplant the extracted hair follicles into and the folliclues are transplanted one by one. As hair transplantation operation is performed under local anaesthesia, there is no pain or ache. If you take the drugs given by the doctor during operation, you will feel no pain. The patient will be in lying position at the first stage and will be sitting on an orthopaedic seat at the second stage. So we can say that; it is a quite comfortable operation for the patient.


There is no specific season for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be done 12 months a year. Having a hair transplantation operation would not hinder a vacation at the seaside. Just the opposite, hair grow faster in summer and skin renewal is more intense.


Within three months after the operation, hair start to grow. The desirable final result is achieved between 9 months to 1 year after the operation.


● The process starts with the determination of the time lengths for grafts and for the operation.

● The operation starts with the collection of hair follicles using FUE method.

● Transplantation channels are opened in the bald area.

● Hair follicles are transplanted into the channels opened.

● First hair washing is done on the third day of the hair transplantation operation.

● After this first washing, hair is washed as described for twelve days.

● Within two months following the hair transplantation operation, the hair at the points of the hair follicles are broken and they fall down.

● As of the third month, hair follicles become active and hair starts to grow.

● Hair growing continues its development for up to one year.

● All transplanted hair appear as grown in one year after the hair transplantation operation.


Points to take into consideration at the pre-transplantation stage;

1 ) Do not smoke for 24 hours before the operation. If you can not do this, at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Remember that smoking will prolong your healing period.
2 ) Eat light foods. Hair transplantation operations may take long, so, you will have a more comfortable operation if you have a full stomach.
3 ) Do not take ALCOHOL for one week before the operation. Do not use any other foreign substances.
4 ) If you are using drugs due to chronic (such as diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, tuberculosis etc.) or acute diseases, inform your doctor about these.
5 ) Do not take tricyclic anti-depressants, anticoagulant drugs (such as heparin, aspirin, coumadin etc.), beta blockers or mao inhibitors (such as aurorix etc.) for two weeks before the operation. If you have used these drugs within this period, inform your doctor about this issue.
6 ) Do not apply any topical drugs on your scalp or hair before the operation.
7 ) Wash your hair before coming to the facility for operation and do not use any hair gels or sprays after washing.
8 ) Have a breakfast before coming to the facility for operation. If the operation will take place in the afternoon, have a light lunch.
9 ) Stop taking coffee or caffeine containing drinks one day before the operation.
10 ) Stop taking multivitamin supplementaries containing vitamins B and E one week before the operation, as these would aggravate bleeding.
11 ) When coming to the facility for operation, wear comfortable clothes that will not touch your head when putting on and taking off (such as shirt, cardigan etc.).


Points to take into consideration at the post-transplantation stage;

1 ) When sleeping at night, make sure that the follicule of the transplanted hair do not contact the bed head, quilt or pillow or they can get injured. A hard and low pillow is recommended for this. You can sleep on your back neck, where the hair was taken from. It is not recommended to sleep face-down for two weeks, as this would increase the risk for the transplantation area to get into contact with the bed or pillow.
2 ) For two weeks, clothes that are comfortable to put on and take off (such as shirts, cardigans and zipped jumpers etc.) should be preferred. T,shirt, turtleneck jumper or atlet should not be preferred in order not to injure the transplantation area. The thing here is that; there should be no contact with the transplantation area for two weeks. Any contact may injure the follicule of the transplanted hair and we may lose that follicule.
3 ) Sports activities, Turkish bath, sauna, swimming, solarium and all hairdressing operations are not allowed for two weeks. These may injure the hair follicule and increase the risk for an infection.
4 ) Do not towel dry the transplantation area after washing your hair. Use hair-dryer.
5 ) For six months following the hair transplantation operation, have your hair on the transplantation area and on donor area (back of the neck) cut with scissors.
6 ) If you would like to use your hair very short following the hair transplantation operation, use razor after minimum six months.
7 ) If you would like to have your hair dyed, wait for minimum six months after the hair transplantation operation.
8 ) After the operation, you should be careful when washing your hair until the scars of the wounds fall down. Spread the shampoo all over your hair and message your scalp gently, without pressing hard.
9 ) After the operation, do not take alcohol and do not smoke for 15 days.
10 ) There might be a slight bleeding on the back of your neck after the operation. You don't need to worry.


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