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FUE hair transplantation?

In FUE (Folliculer Unit Extraction) method, hair follicles are extracted one by one with special punched micro motors under local anaesthesia and these are transplanted into hairless areas based on hair growth angle and direction. Today, most hair transplantation operations are performed with FUE method. As it is not a surgical operation, patients give their decisions easily and prefer it.

In FUE method, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and are transplanted into bald areas. Before the extraction takes place, the hair on the donor area are cut to be 1 mm long. Local anaesthesia is applied to the donor and transplantation areas. The micro motor punch is brought close to the hair so that it reaches the middle. Then the punch is injected into and taken out of the skin according to the growing direction of the hair. Then the hair, follicule and the surrounding microscopic tissue are cut cylindrically.

One micro-tissue is extracted gently using the pen set. The follicular unit leaves its loose base. This automatic system minimizes the risk for the grafts to get damaged during operation, the operation time lengths are shortened and the number of grafts extracted in a single time unit are increased. Once follicular units are extracted in this way, they are transplanted into the tinier holes created on the bald area. Each follicular unit hosts approximately 2-3 follicles. In our preliminary examinations, we inform our patients about their actual number of grafts in order to prevent them from facing unexpected costs and we help them gain their natural hair with the amount of grafts they need. If the patients deem as necessary, we can have them watch the interviews made with our previous patients or we try to create the chance for a face-to-face meeting so that they can find the answers to any questions in their mind.

Properties of the Fue Method

● On the area where grafts are extracted, tissues are not collected, only the relevant stem cell is studied.

● There will be no cuts or seams on the donor area. On donor area, there will be small scratches with a dimater of less than 06,07 mm. These scratches will heal up in a few days without leaving any scars behind.

● In this technique, the grafts taken from the back of the neck are used in eyebrow, beard and moustache transplantation as well as hair transplantation.

● Based on the condition of the donor area and the number of follicles to be transplanted, approximately 4000 to 6000 grafts can be extracted in a single session.

● There are approximately 1 to 3 hair follicles in each graft. 1 graft hair is assumed to have 2-2.5 hair follicles.

● It is possible to transplant approximately 50-60 hair follicles per centimeter depending on the number of hair follicles obtained and their frequency.

● This method is preferred as little pain is felt after the operation and shortness of the healing time.

Transplanted hair generally fall down at the end of the first month. They start to grow 2-3 months after the transplantation operation.

Hair grow stronger on the sixth month, but the best results are observed within 1-1.5 years following the end of the adaptation process of the transplanted hair. These transplanted hair will not be lost as they are extracted from an area that is coded to survive. As the hair follicles are extracted from the patient's own body, they will have the same color and character. In hair transplantation, not only the amount of hair and the extraction method but also the direction of the transplanted hair and the naturality of the front line of the hair are important.

When performed by a professional team, hair transplantation gives perfect results. Life-long growing hair changes the look of the individual and has a positive impact on his/her psychology, as well. Hair transplantation is a work of art as it requires skill, visuality and experience. When the individuals gain natural and healthfully growing hair, their self-esteem improves, too.

Ice Graft Hair Transplantation Method

Ice Graft Hair Transplantation solution is not only used in hair transplantation but also in many other areas of medicine. The solution includes several mixtures which prevent cell and tissue loss.

In Ice Graft technique, hair grafts are extracted from the back of your neck and these grafts are kept waiting in Ice Graft Solution which has revitalizing and stregthening characteristics. Then, these are exposed to cooling process again. This method is applied before the hair transplantation operation with the intention to gain better results.

With this method which is applied before the hair transplantation operation, tissue and cell losses of grafts are avoided and hair follicles are revitalized. In order to get the best results with this method, it is necessary to adjust the degree of temperature accurately and to stabilize this temperature. Hair transplantation operations performed with Ice Graft technique provides the patients with stronger and abundant hair. Grafts extracted from your head are kept waiting in revitalizing and strengthening Ice Graft solution before the hair Transplantation operation starts.

In a hair transplantation operation, the patient wants to have hair line that looks natural. The patient feels more self confident then. Though Ice Graft technicque is mainly used for hair transplantation, it can also be applied for hairs extracted from other areas of the body.

How does Ice Graft take effect?

Ice Graft solution balances intracellular pH in order to clean the free radicals at low temperature. It provides energy for the cells that form the hair and extends the life of grafts at low temperature.

With powerful antioxidants, nutritious minerals and certified optimized formula, grafts survive for longer time periods with low temperature. Ice Graft solution controls the reactions that increase the temperature-based molecular cell stress and feeds the cell with vitamins. The grafts waiting to be transplanted are thus fed very well and their vitality is preserved.

What is PRP-Supported Hair Transplantation?

Materials are collected from the blood in order to regenerate, repair and stregthen the scalp. First, 10-20 ml blood is extracted from the patient. Second, special centrifuge and microfiltering methods are used to separate the red blood cells from the blood and to obtain rich plasma materials such as blood platelets and white blood cells. When blood platelets interact with a damaged tissue, they become activated and secrete several regenerative substances. Thus; rich materials not only help the prevention of hair loss but also shorten the healing period after hair transplantation operation.

How is PRP Supported Hair Transplantation done?

Your doctor processes the blood he/she has taken from you and then injects the PRP he/she has obtained into the hair follicles with tiny punched injectors. The whole process is alsmost completed in a time as short as 30 minutes. Tissue development starts in the transplantation area, injured and weak hair follicles are repaired and new and strong hair begins to grow from these follicles. The operation gives very satisfactory results both for men and women. In order to gain the best results from the hair transplanted with micro motor, in other words, Microfue technique; it is recommonded to perform this process following the hair transplantation operation.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is a hair transplantation technique designed to minimize the waiting period for the hair tissues extracted from donor area and to improve the health and strength of these tissues.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) method covers all processes that starts from the extraction of grafts from donor area and is completed with the transplantation of these grafts into bald areas using special punches directly without opening any channels. Though it takes a longer time and it is more laborious to apply this technique compared to the traditional FUE technique, it does not require a healing period as there are no channels or cuts in the transplantation area. Absence of channels makes it possible to perform a denser hair transplantation. As the grafts extracted with DHI method will wait for a shorter time out (if you do not prefer the PRP supported FUE hair transplantation technique), it minimizes air contact of hair follicles. Direct hair implant enables hair follicles to be stronger and healthier. In direct hair implant technique, which makes use of special punches, you do not feel any pain or ache.

Golden Punch Fue Method

The Golden Punch Fue method used in several areas from scars to pustules, stretch marks and pore tightening has come to be used in hair transplantation, as well. It is performed following the hair transplantation operation made with micro FUE technique. It is applied following the hair transplantation operation against the problems of tissue reactions, scars, possible infections or late recovery in donor area (back of the neck) or in transplantation area. Special, tiny, golden releasing punchs clear away several negativities. With the golden punch method, partciularly the donor area where hair is extracted from heals two times faster than normal.

Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Fue gold technique is a special hair transplantation technique with numerous advantages. It is unique in terms of both the tools used and the hair transplantation technique. The tools are designed uniquely in order to improve the sensitivity level of the hair transplantation. All the tools used in FUE technique are made of "gold". The main reason for this is that; gold is the material that fits best with the human body. When the gold contacts the tissue (graft), the tissue does not defend itself as it doesn't assume gold as a threat. This means, the tissues natural structure and the form of the haired skin remain intact. So, it helps with the preservation of graft quality and it does not cause any change in the natural structure of the tissue. The difference of FUE gold technique in other stages is that; it enables opening of numerous hair follicule channels without forming any micro parasites. Healthy and permenant hair follicles extracted from the haired skin are directly transplanted into the channels opened and these grafts immediately have their position to grow in those channels.

Golden Ratio

This is used for front line drawing. Golden ratio face indicators measure the height and width of an individual and consider the age of the individual to design the ideal front line that gives an aesthetical look to the face.


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