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Can hair transplantation provide me with natural looking hair that does not reveal out any traces from the operation?

Yes. Today, FUE technique enables us to extract thousands of hair grafts and to transplant these in sufficient abundancy that nobody would ever understand that you have been operated. The most important factors here are the experience of the surgeon and the abundancy of the hair in the patient's donor area.

When and how will my hair grow?

It will take 3 to 6 months for your first hair to grow. Then we expect approximately 1 cm growth each month. The first hair will be curly or wavy with a paler, thinner and weaker look. In time, your hair will regain its brightness, thickness and its normal form and color.

Which age groups can benefit from hair transplantation?

If the patient is systemically healthy, hair tansplantation can be done up to ages 70-75. Minimum age for hair transplantation is, 20. For the patients in their twenties, a well-designed hair tansplantation can be done and current hais can be supported with an efficient treatment.

Can women bave hair transplantation?

Saç problemi yaşayan bayanlarda saç ekimi işlemine karar vermeden önce mutlak ön görüşme ve saç analizi yapılmalı, trikogram denilen analiz cihazı ile kontrol edilerek saç ekimi işlemine uygun olup olmayacağı konusunda karar verilmelidir.

Will hair grow in donor area where hair follicles are extracted from?

On donor area where follicles are extracted from, no hair will grow any more. This is why the abundancy of the hair on the back neck area is very important for hair transplantation. Current hair close the donor area and you will have no scars.

Which conditions are not suitable for hair transplantation?

When the hair on the back of the neck and the other body hair is not suitable, hair transplantation cannot be done. Patients suffering from a certain disease (such as heart, high blood pressure etc.) or allergy must necessarily inform the doctor about these issues. Details are negotiated and the decision is given following the preliminary examination.

How is the hair directed, in which direction do it grows?

In FUE technique, hair is transplanted towards the left, right, front and back with an angle of 30-35 degrees and they grow as such.

Will I have any pain or ache?

You will not have any pain or ache (including the first night) after FUE operation and you don't need to take any drugs. On the operation day you can sleep in whichever position you like. You will not have a tight or numb feeling or a permanent scar in the back of your neck as no nerves or veins are cut.

Is it necessary to cut the hairs short?

0.7-1.0 mm diameter punches are used to extract the grafts. We need to cut the hairs short in order to use these punches to extract the grafts from your skin.

What kind of drugs are used in mesotherapy?

Several kind of drugs are used in mesotherapy. Most of these are herbal-based drugs approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are sold in pharmacies. The important thing here is to have knowledge about the pharmatological properties, interactions and side effect potentials of the drugs to be used in the complex.

If I have a hair transplantation operation, will my current hair get injured?

Places into which hair follicles will be transplanted are opened using micro surgery technique. For patients who have visible hair loss, there is no such risk as there is sufficient amount of space between the hair follicles. On the other hand, patients that are in their early stage of hair loss with insensible sparsity are not recommonded a hair transplantation in order not to injure current hair. These patients should be treated medically first.

When can I observe the exact result after FUE hair transplantation?

Transplanted hair starts to fall approximately on the sixth week after the operation. Please note that this is a normal and temporary situation. Hair will begin to regrow in 5-6 months. You need to be patient to see the exact result of hair transplantation. It may take up to one year in order to see the actual results of the operation.

Will my hair always need care after the operation?

There is not a long-term care that would be necessary after the hair transplantation operation.

Can deeper tissues (bones, intracranial structures) get injured during hair transplantation?

Extraction is performed using microsurgery techniques under microscope. Extraction is done at scalp level in order to reach follicles. The operation remains at scalp level during extraction, thus, deeper tissues are not injured.

Do I need to have my hair cut short in FUE technique?

Yes. In order to extract hair follicles one by one without any problems, they must be visible just above the surface of the skin. Thus, it is necessary to have the hair cut at level 1. On the other hand; if the balding area is small and there is no need for numerous hair follicles, it may be possible to have the operation without cutting hair all short. Hair at donor area are cut in small stripes. As the long hair just above will cover the donor area, the hair cut won't be visible.

What should be the satisfactory abundancy of hair after hair transplantation?

In the presence of a suitable donor area with sufficiently thick hair, 80 to 100 hair per square centimeter would be able to cover the scalp. The amount of follicles that would be necessary to achieve this abundancy differs from person to person. Hair transplantation is generally done with three or four follicular units and 30 follicles would be sufficient per square centimeter. On the other hand, persons who mostly have one or two follicular units would need 40-60 follicles for the same result.

Should I wait to lose all my hair to have hair transplantation?

The ideal beginning for the consideration of hair transplantation is the early stage when sparsity has become visible and the person or the others around have not come to get used to it, yet. The patient should not wait for the completion of hair loss stage so that neither the person nor the people around will get used to this and it would be possible to have a smooth transition without the perception of a bald scalp.

What do statistics mean in hair transplantation?

In hair transplantation, the amount to be transplanted means the number of grafts. The number of hair may be more than the double of the number of grafts. Thus; it would be conflicting to talk to the patient about the number of hair recommanded. Considering that each hair follicule contains more than one hair, when we transplant 3000 hair follicles, we gain 8000-10000 hair, actually.

Is hair transplantation a permanent operation?

Hair transplantation is a permanent operation. Hair follicles transplanted during the operation are genetically resistant to testosterone hormone's hair-loss stimulating effect. Transplanted haisr stays in the traspkantaed area life-long. Otherwise, making hair transplantation would not be meaningful.

Does hair transplantation really give successful results?

Yes. As the hair extracted from donor area is transplanted into the receiver area is the person's own hair, the body doesn't perceive it as foreign subtance and accepts it. Transplanted hair preserve their characteristics such as color, growth rate, curliness and other relevant properties and it grows as such.


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